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Consulting Services

BlueShores Management Consulting (BMC) provides a complete offering of management consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses.   

We are a privately owned, boutique consulting firm with only one goal:  the success of our clients.   


Whether you are needing to create a new marketing plan, considering launching a new product or service, addressing an inefficient accounting system, generating multi-year projections for a bank loan or a capital raise, contemplating a re-structuring of senior management, or just in need of a professional second opinion, BlueShores will be there to partner with you.

We invite new clients to take advantage of our free 8 hour introductory business consultation and assessment, where we will meet with you to learn more about your company and your near and long term business goals.  We then return within two-three weeks with a holistic assessment and identified areas of opportunity.

Our consulting services will be tailored to your specific needs.  We leverage our extensive experience and our large network to identify specific, targeted solutions.  However, we do not offer pre-determined, off-the-shelf solutions because each client's needs are different.   


And we offer flexible engagements:


  • Project specific

  • Retainer, for a specified timeframe

  • Monthly KPI monitoring services

Project Specific

A project specific assignment is an agreement to lead a distinct task that has already been identified by the company as an immediate business need. 

For example:  

Your company is expanding rapidly and quite profitably.  However you know that additional financing will be needed to fund further expansion.  You want to know what financing options are available and you need assistance in creating sales and earnings projections that will be required by lenders and/or investors.

Project specific assignment fees are based on the scope of work of the project and are a one time fee.

Retainers are a good option when the reources needed and the time required to complete the assignment is more extensive.


For example:

You have decided to re-structure the process in handling customer complaints to be more responsive.  To do so, the desired solution may take a few months, in order to identify and build out a new process, train your staff, launch the new process and assess improvements and fine-tune post launch.

Retainers fees are based on a specified scope of work and are billed monthly.

KPI Monitoring Services

Our monthly KPI monitoring service is a great option for management teams who want an independent, holistic assessment of their company's Key Performance Indicators to help identify areas of opportunity, whether favorable or unfavorable.  

For example:

Your company is growing rapidly, and you are working 60+ hours per week just to keep up with daily activity.  You need an independent perspective ("second set of eyes") to help you continually and accurately assess the company's performance.  You engage us to conduct monthly trend monitoring to identify favorable trends and uncover areas that may need remediation. 

KPI monitoring service fees are billed monthly.

Retainer Agreement
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