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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.    Why do small and medium-sized companies hire consultants?

As they grow, many companies find themselves needing assistance to help optimize the business or capitalize on an opportunity.  They then seek external resources with the skills and knowledge in a particular field.

Q.    What type of companies are your ideal clients and why?

We really don't have one type of 'ideal' client. 


Our expertise is helping small and medium sized companies who are growing fast or desire to do so.  These companies need timely, independent, and accurate input on key business challenges and opportunities, as well as support identifying and addressing all viable options.  

Q.    Why are you offering free consulting services? 

From our experience and from independent research, we understand that successful consulting is based on both the expertise and proper fit between a company and a consultant.  And that the competency and compatibility factors cannot be determined without meaningful interaction. 


We believe that companies should not have to engage AND pay a consultant to later find out that there is no fit.

Q.    Why do you think you can help my company?  

We are a team of experienced professionals with over 75 years of diverse business backgrounds and skill sets.  


We are confident that we can independently and professionally address most key management issues.   And if we cannot, we will be straightforward and tell you that.

Q.    What do I receive as part of the 8 hours of free consulting services? 

One or more BMC consultants will meet with you and any key stakeholders to gather pertinent company background and information.   This meeting will typically take 2-3 hours.


Approximately two weeks later, we present our global assessment of your firm, together with the perceived strengths and weaknesses, and a response to one strategic company issue previously identified by you. 

Q.    What happens after the free 8 hours of consultation and assessment?

After the free 8 hours of consultation and assessment, you have several options. 

You may either (1) retain us for a specific period of time, (2) elect to utilize our services on a project basis, (3) decide to engage us for ongoing monitoring services, or (4) end the relationship. 

Q.   What does BMC provide as part of a retainer agreement and what is the cost? 

Each retainer agreement is unique and is bid accordingly based on each client's scope of work.  

Retainer fees will be billed monthly.  There are significant discounts available based on the length of the retainer.   

Additionally, if you decide to move forward with a retainer agreement, you will have first call on our services regarding any additional consulting projects.  

Q.    If I utilize BMC on a project basis, how does that work? 

You identify the specific assignment.  We analyze the consulting work required and present you with a quote

for the proposed project and an approximate time frame for completion.  Our project fees are dependent on the scope of work and project complexity. 

Q.    If I utilize BMC for monthly monitoring services, how does that work? 

Our monitoring services are an early detection and identification system to monitor company KPIs and trends on a monthly basis, to identify favorable or unfavorable trends.  This will enable management to take advantage of promising trends and to quickly remediate negative ones. 


If you choose to utilize our monitoring services, our consultants will review your company KPIs across all major functional areas on a monthly basis, and provide a holistic report and recap to the management team and all key stakeholders of the company. 

Q.    What happens once our assignment ends?  

Once our assignment ends, there is no further obligation.


Our NDA covers a five year period, but once our assignment ends we will return all proprietary confidential documents to you. 


We believe and would like for our relationship to continue beyond our assignments, therefore, we will follow up with you from time to time to see how things are going. 

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